who we are

Meet your Stingray City team

Choose one of our boats and enjoy the beauty of Cayman waters. Captain Chip, born and raised in the Cayman Islands, has been coming to the Sandbar for over forty years and has been working with stingrays for the last twenty-five years.

why choose us

  • Knowledge & Experience

    We have over 40 years of visiting + 25 years of working almost daily at Stingray City, and that make us your ideal tour guides. We are very conscious and responsible in the handling of this marvelous sea creatures, with us, there will be no abuse!


    By going at your own pace, we can hit the Sandbar early enough to avoid all Cruise Ship visitors or combine it with a sunset sail back by staying out late


    Believe it or not, privacy makes a world of difference in the overall experience of your Stingray City Trip, you can also choose between 4 to 6 hours, swim, snorkel, enjoy lunch at Kaibo, take some great photos and jump off the boat at Starfish Point.

  • Senior and Kid-Friendly

    Our sailing trip is a smooth ride when compared to other cattle boat tours, which makes it perfect of the elderly and the kids alike. Avoid sea-sickness and have plenty of room to hand out and jump at the tranpoline.

Our team

Captain Chip

Fun, knowledgeable, hands-on born and raised in the Cayman Islands.


Michelle, our Reservations Manager, came to the Cayman Islands in 1998 from California, and was quickly captivated by its many beauties and our captain and has never looked back. Michelle and Chip, are married and have two beautiful salt water kids who love the salt water life.


Buster, is a crew member and founding father of this company who moved to the Cayman Islands in search of a little peace and quiet; An accountant by trade who has now given up the books for the salt water life. His love and passion for the water was passed on to Captain Chip, his son, and that is how it all got started.


This is literally the most normal looking picture that we have of Chris. Widely reconized by all as the second best Stingray handler at Stingray City. Chris is also a Captain on the Aliikai.

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