Find the Cayman treasures
at Stingray City

From its origin, Stingray City was meant to be done in small groups; as visitors, there is absolutely no better way to experience the Southern Atlantic Stingrays encounter than in a private charter. Most tour boats take between 50 to 75 passengers. With a private charter, you and your group will have the boat to yourselves. No waiting in line. No complaining about the wet person next to you sitting on your towel. Just you and your group making the best of the experience of a lifetime.

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Sailing the crystal clear azure blue waters of the Cayman Islands in our catamaran the Far Tortuga and under the watchful eye of Captain Chip is unforgettable. Born and raised in the Cayman Islands, Captain Chip has been coming to the Sandbar for over forty years and has been working with stingrays for the last twenty-five years. Have you ever sailed? if not, you'll love it, on the way we raise the sails (weather permitting) for a quiet and relaxing trip back to the yacht club. All your senses will be stimulated!

Why go private?

  • Experience

    Stingray City Charters is a family-owned business with 25 years under its belt. This means that we know the strengths and weaknesses of the industry and strive to offer a higher end service to our clients. We know what works and what doesn't, we are not a flight-by-night operation, buyers beware!

  • Going at your own pace

    If you are here, it is likely that you have experienced a cattle-boat service before. With us, you can avoid the pulling, pushing and shoving and being yelled up to get in and out of the boat. It also means more time for yourself and your party, so you get to spend as much time in the water as you want within your timeframe.

  • Privacy

    Going private means freedom, it means more space, and an experience of a lifetime. The boat is all to yourselves, no sharing with strangers, the ladies in your group will have more freedom to enjoy the sail to and fro. You can choose the music, have your drinks and food platters onboard. If you have children, they will enjoy jumping on the trampoline or simply sunbathe. Our trips are customizable, go as early as possible to avoid the massive cruise ship crowds, or depart in the afternoon to catch a sunset sail back.

  • Visit Rum Point, Kaibo Beach and Starfish Point

    Enjoy Rum Point's world-famous mudslides, or have lunch at Kaibo Beach Bar, and a great place to stop for photos (a children's must), Starfish Point.

Our Boat Options

Peace Maker Canopy

25' Bowrider
Perfect for a couple or a small group of up to 6 passengers. With a swim platform and sun pad, this boat offers the perfect balance between form and function. Trips starting at $500. Click here to visit our rates page.

Aliikai Motor Boat

The Aliikai
Changing the rules
Sometimes it is not about the journey, but about the destination. The AlliKai is one of the fastest large boats offering tours in the North Sound. This gives us the advantage of being able to get to the Sandbar ahead of many of the other boats on cruise ship days and allows us to spend more time at each location and less time getting to them.

Far-Tortuga Catamaran

Far-Tortuga Catamaran
Propelled by nature, at relaxing speeds
forty-three feet long and twenty feet wide. What does this mean to the average person? Space, and lots of it. With trips with a maximum of twenty-five people, there is always lots of room aboard the Far Tortuga. Instead of sitting on a bench rubbing shoulders with the person next to you, you have space to lay out in the sun to work on your tan.

The highlight of your
Cayman Islands Trip

We are not kidding, we hear this over and over again. Whether you arrive via cruise ship or fly in and spend a couple of days on our beautiful island, your Stingray City private trip will be the highlight of your trip. Forget the banks, and anything else you've heard about us, Stingray City will stay in your memory for many years to come.

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Stingray City is a unique attraction located in the North Sound of the Cayman Islands. It is a shallow, knee-deep sandbar, which became a home to over a hundred friendly Southern Atlantic Stingrays. These are wild and un-restricted stingrays which throughout the years developed a special relationship with local fishermen who would often use the Sand Bar to clean up their catch of the day and by extension became a dine-in spot for them. They often swim up and interact with locals and visitors alike. Our charters typically include swimming with the stingrays and snorkeling at the reef. With a private tour, you could also visit Starfish Point, Kaibo Beach Bar and other amazing snorkeling spots in the North Sound.